Burraco Strategy and Tips

Burraco is a game that has rules you will be able to memorize fast but there are a lot of problems when talking about strategy. The truth is that the game can quickly change shifts and you will need to know proper game strategy in order to be successful, as well as knowing burraco rules very well. Here are some burraco game strategy tips that you need to take into account at all times.

Burraco Best Strategies

Keep in mind that burraco game strategy does not focus on finishing your hand as fast as possible. You need to score as many points as possible. This basically means that if the discard pile has cards that can turn into valuable points you should try to pick it up. In the event that you lose a hand you can still end up with more points than the opposing team, even if you will be faced with a penalty.

burraco strategy

We also need to recommend that you only play with people that you know and trust. When you play in teams you do need to know how the opponent will play. Talking is allowed but it is always better to not expose hand strength for the other people playing.

Pay attention to opponents

The most important part of burraco game strategy is to constantly pay attention to what the opponents are doing. You need to memorize all the cards that have been discarded. By looking at them you will be able to understand exactly what the player is looking for. If you know this you will be able to block him and simply not discard cards that will complete melds.

It is also recommended to pay attention to when you are doing your first meld. If it is safe you should hold on melding until the opponents will meld. This is because you will quickly understand where you stand. On the other hand, after you do this you will be forced to make the first meld really fast because you might end up losing and being faced with a huge penalty points value.

You should seriously think about practicing your burraco game strategy in online casinos or online rummy rooms. The reason for this is that the action is much faster and you can easily practice everything without being known. Nobody will know you so you can take chances and see what will happen while using any complex strategy tip that you want to test.

Burraco Game History

Burraco history is a topic that we cannot talk about without mentioning the game of canasta. The reason why this is true is the fact that burraco is a variation of canasta (you can also read about burraco game variations). We are basically in front of the same game but with some differences that do count at the end of the day.

Canasta can be considered a classic card game. It first appeared in Uruguay and then became really popular in Argentina. The turning point in Canasta history (thus burraco history) came with the game reaching Latin America. This is where its popularity rose considerably and then it was only normal that the game would also gain a lot of success in USA around the fifties.

What is interesting is that canasta was at one point in time the most popular card game that people were playing. At that point in time we saw the development of official rules and thus the appearance of the Classic Canasta game. As time passed people wanted more diversity and this led to appearance of different variations. Burraco is one of the variations that are highly popular in Italy although we now see that many are interested and new players appear every day.

Nowadays we can look towards the history of burraco as one of little interest due to the fact that it is a game variation. The future will probably be different since we are noticing a lot of changes in trends. Canasta is not gaining popularity while burraco is. We expect to see a lot more players that will enjoy this game and will mainly look towards online play.

Burraco and Rummy online rooms

The good news is that online casinos and rummy rooms have realized that burraco will be a big thing. This is why most establishments have already included the game. There are dozens of sites where you can play for free or for money. We recommend that you look at the bonuses that are offered and then you decide where to join. Just make sure that you always join legit sites that will have a big degree of security and a valid gambling license issued by an authority that you can trust.