Burraco Rules

Burraco is a very interesting game that is played in 2 or 4 players and there is also the possibility of being featured in a tournament, which can be under the forms of partners or teams. 2 regular card decks that include the jokers will be used. There are also 2 pots that are dealt. The first player from a team that will lay down all the cards will have to pick up the according pot and continue playing. Read also about burraco scores.

Basic Burraco Rules

According to Burraco game rules all the jokers and the 2 cards are considered wild-cards. There are also variations that do not include jokers so you will want to see if this is the case where you will play. Wild-cards can replace any card.

burraco rules

The game is played in turns. Every turn is marked by picking up one card from either the discard pile or from the stock. The player that will end his cards by laying them down will be able to take the pot and this becomes important because there is a chance to score extra points. There are two ways in which the pot can be taken. You either do so after discarding the last card or before that if you are left with no cards to discard. In this case we say that the pot was picked up In Flight and you will also need to discard a card to mark the end of your turn.

Variations on Canasta

Burraco, being a variation of canasta, will also include the canasta hand, a hand that contains at least 7 cards of the same numeric value. A canasta can also be a run that includes a minimum of 7 cards. A clean canasta will include no wild cards while the dirty canasta is a clean canasta but features wild cards. Players have the possibility to replace wild-cards with cards that are represented. In this case they can pick up the wild-card and use it in other melds.

Burraco game rules state that the objective is to finish the hand by getting rid of all cards and placing them in valid melds. What is interesting is the fact that you will need to take the entire discarded pile in the event that you want to pick up one card that was discarded. You can avoid this in the event that you just decide to pick up one card and then discard another one. Do you know how to play at Oklahoma rummy? No? Then read first the Oklahoma rummy rules and then try it’ it is truly a great game!

Reasons to Play Burraco

There are only a few reasons why you should play burraco. The most common one is to have fun. Players that only play for fun do not care if they win or not. They will simply play for the pleasure of the game and will take a lot of chances. Such players are perfect to play against for money as they are focused on making spectacular moves and will fail to use good burraco strategy.

The one player that you need to be careful with is the one that is playing the game in order to make money. Such players are usually really tight and will probably beat every single opponent that is just playing for money. Whenever they are playing they are thinking about how to beat the other player, score more points and will never take chances unless necessary. This will increase their chances of winning and if they do have enough experience there is a big chance that you are going to lose unless you are better than them.

There are also some players that both want to have fun and make money. Such players are also good in most cases. You do need to approach them with caution. On the other hand, they will have one weakness: the side of them that wants to play for fun. This will cause them to make some moves that are not recommended and this can be the flaw in their play.


By understanding why you are personally playing the game you will be able to improve and tackle your problems. Think about the answer to this question and be honest with yourself. Note down your associated weaknesses and try to solve them. You will be successful if you understand why you are playing the game.