Burraco Glossary and Scoring

We do not have many differences between burraco glossary and canasta glossary. After all, online burraco is a variation of canasta and this basically means that the same terms are going to be used in both games. The only real difference stands in the term “Pot Hand”, which is an extra hand that you can pick up after ending your cards in the game of burraco so that you have a chance of winning more points. Let us know take a look at the most common burraco terms you will find in any glossary.

burraco glossary

Burraco Terms

  • Base – 4 cards that have the same rank, natural cards.
  • Black Canasta – A canasta that has 1 to 3 wild cards included. Black canasta can appear in burraco as well but in this case the term Black Canasta will be used. In burraco you can only add one wildcard to a run or sequence.
  • Going Out – The process of getting rid of all the cards in your hand. You can meld them on the table and if you go out you are going to receive a bonus.
  • Initial Meld – the first of the melds that you do.
  • Minimum Count – The point value of the initial meld that has to be met in order for it to be allowed.
  • Natural card – any card that is not a wild-card.
  • Prize Pail – A frozen discard pile.
  • Pure-Natural – A canasta that contains no wild cards.
  • Wild Card – A card that can be used to substitute any other card. In burraco the wild-cards are Jokers and 2s.

It is really easy to understand burraco terms and everyone will learn them in just a few minutes. On the other hand, there might be some slang terms that you are not familiar with. In the event that you meet them be sure to ask. There will be no problems and the other players or the dealer are going to answer and explain what the term actually means. It is highly important that you understand what is happening at a burraco table in order to be successful in this game on the long run.

Scroing in Burraco Games

Burraco is a game that seems to be very simple when thinking about scoring. Unfortunately this is not true and we can say that the scoring rules are actually complicated. They are among the most complicated in rummy games. You have to understand them and you can only do this if you first memorize them.

A burraco game will end when a team will get to 3000 points or more. Different hands are played till that score is reached by a team. You gain points by making runs of 3 or more cards. You basically gain points based on the cards that you are melding.

The cards that are from 3 to 7 are worth 5 points. Cards from 8 to king are worth 10 points. Any ace is worth 15 points and the deuce is worth 20 points. The cards that are not melded at the end of a hand will be scored negatively and become penalty points.

There are also some special burraco scoring rules that you need to know about. A clean run is worth 200 extra points and a dirty run is worth 100 extra points. The extra is added to the total point value of all the cards that are included in the run. One run with 7 clean cards and one deuce will be worth 150 points. You should also know that a penalty of 100 points is taken from the team if a pot hand was not taken.

When the game ends due to the fact that the cards are finished before a pot is picked up the player has two options. He can either take out the total of all the cards in the hand or take out 100 points from the total. The winning team will also receive a bonus of 100 points over
the points that have already been awarded till then.

Although not necessarily a part of burraco scoring rules, it is highly important that you understand that as your team gains more points there will be a forced minimum initial meld value that needs to be met. If you have less than 1500 points the initial meld needs to be of 50 points. If you have more than 75 points is the value needed for the first meld. Read and learn all burraco terms to be able to play professionally.